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Qualify and Quantify

OXY Index is the first colaborative digital tool to measure environmental and social commitment in Sport.
Developed with Zei, Sport citizenship and Synchronocity, this platform is based on the Charter of 15 commitments of the Ministry of Sport and WWF France and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations

Commit to the
French Sport Movement

Through OXY, the ambition is to enable all players in sport to develop their commitment and have a positive impact on their territory (sport)
OXY est en open source pour qu’une information facilement accessible contribue à l’engagement du mouvement sportif français sur les enjeux de Développement Durable.


It is carried out directly on the platform by the Club or the event organisers.
It is based on 30 indicators which cover 3 areas of Sustainable Development : environmental,social and governance.The evaluation takes place in 3 stages. Step 1 with 0 to 6 indicators, step 2 with 18 indicators and step 3 with the justification of 30 indicators.The review can be conducted over 12, 18, or 24 months. This allows us to understand the process of justifying actions, a necessary step to integrate the OXY INDEX.


A personalised study for each club and event is carried out by our experts with verification of all the supporting documents sent by the organizers.
We can then obtain a measurement via 76 environmental and social indicators. The organisers can now objectively qualify and quantify its commitment to Sustainable development.


Tailor -made advice from the OXY team to support the progress of the event in its commitment.
The goal is for it to improve your actions and for it to be verifiable via the platform.The event (ORGANISERS)can then communicate with advertisers and the general public in order to inhance the sincerity of its commitment.


One of the great innovations of OXY is the promotion of your commitment to your sponsers.
Each action taken and each progress displayed enhances your value.Measurement via OXY INDEX therefore gives your commitment a monitary value.


This platform and all the services associated with it , was thought out and designed with our expert partners.



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